2012 Yamaha F250XA 250 HP

United States
Type:Outboard Motor
Model:F250 HP V6 Four Stroke
Model Number:F250XA
Series:Four Stroke High Power
Engine Type:V6 (60°)
Displacement:204.6 ci (3352 cc)
Prop Shaft Horsepower:250@5500RPM
Compression Ratio:9.9
RPM Range:5000-6000
Fuel Induction System:DOHC Fuel Injection VCT
Fuel Type:Unleaded gasoline (minimum pump octane 87)
Exhaust:Thru prop
Ignition System:TCI Micro Computer
CARB Rating:3-Star
Alternator Output at WOT:46A
Starting System:Electric
Lubrication:Wet Sump
Oil Capacity:5.9 quarts
Recommended Engine Oil:Yamalube 4M
Gear Ratio:15
Control Type:Remote Mechanism
Weight:602 lb (273kg)
Command Link System:Optional Equipment
Enhanced Ultimate Corrosion Protection System UCP:Standard Feature
Power Trim and Tilt:Yes
Shaft Length:25 inch
Propeller:Optional Equipment
Tiller Handle Kit:No
Freshwater Flush:Yes
Warranty:3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat - 1 Year Limited Commercial
Engine Sensing Warning System:Yes
Engine Stop Switch Lanyard:Optional
Fuel Management Gauge:Optional
Multi-Function Speedometer/Fuel Management Gauge:Optional
Multi-Function Tachometer:Optional
Ultimate Corrosion Protection System:Yes
Electronic Fuel Injection:Yes
External Tilt Switch:Yes
High Output Alternator:Yes
Micro-Computer Ignition System:Yes
Multi-Charge Monitoring System:Yes
Sure-Seal Tri Latch:Yes
Thermostatic Cooling System:Yes
Counter Rotation:Optional
Remote Steering:Yes
Command Link Gauges:Optional

Basic Info

Price: $ 18,930
Make: Yamaha
Model: F250XA
Year: 2012
Condition: New
Category: Outboard

Technical Details

Power: 250 HP
Fuel: Gasoline
Use: Both
Number Cylinders: 6
Configuration: V


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