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Travis Arnould - GSPS Marine Sales

Gulf Shores, AL, US

My name is Travis Arnould, and yes, the "u" belongs in there- and if you meet someone with the same spelling, I am related to them! lol      I am a born and raised local to the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area. I have inherited a passion for being on the water, doing just about anything, as long as it involves driving a boat. My family goes back three generations when it comes to charter for hire and commercial fishing in this area, so I have all the experience, spots, and tackle necessary to assist you in not just learning how to drive your new boat, but also how tho fill the fish boxes! I have been in the boat selling industry since before the infamous oil spill and I have sold a lot of the brands that you see out on the water today- so I have a great knowledge of the ups and downs to most everything you will see. My greatest joy in my work comes from seeing my customers have an amazing life changing experience when they learn just how much fun being on the water can truly be. I look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business and making the experience a joy from start to finish, and beyond.